Speaker Abstracts

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Wednesday, 20th February 2019


●     Luley, Chris.   Woundwood, Callus, Decay & Plant Health Care

Common Decay Fungi & TreeRot.com

Root Rot, Really?

Thursday, 21st February 2019


●     Arnold, Michael.  Long Term Impacts of Container Size on Tree Establishment

●     Dennis, James.    Spatial Reasoning: Why & How GIS Can Improve Your Arboricultural Work

●     French, Brian.   Guidelines to Managing Wildlife in Urban Areas

●     Glatt, Neal.   Five Levels of Leadership: Where Do You Stand?

●     Krisans, Oskar.    Sap Flow Measurements – A Monitoring Tool of Tree Vitality

   – Effect of Stem Mechanical Injuries on Tree Stability

●     Luley, Chris.     Small & Young Tree Pruning

●     Lumis, Glen.   Wire Baskets:  The Past 30 Years

●     Smith, Kevin T.     Dendrochronology of Environmental Disturbance & Change

●     Smith K. / Meilleur, G.    Panel:  Tree Growth Following Storm Damage

●     van Wassenaer, Philip.     Tree Biomechanics: Where Are We Now?

●     Ventresca, Mark / Bostock, David.    Toronto Tree Assessment Tool:  A Basis & Background

Friday, 22nd February 2019


●     Cheung, Dave / Gunderman, Marvin.    How to Improve Your Insect ID Skills & Boost Your Career

●     Fields-Johnson, Christopher.     Reconnecting Trees to Soils in Our Landscapes