Ontario Tree Climbing Championship

OTCC 2019



About the OTCC

Thank you again for another great OTCC!

View results from the competition here: OTCC – Burlington.

About OTCC

The Ontario Tree Climbing Championship provides a regional platform to showcase arborists’ proficiencies in tree climbing while simulating working conditions of arborists in the field, based on judging criteria established from industry best practices and safety standards.  The competition is also an opportunity to introduce the latest climbing techniques and innovations in equipment, in a controlled, safe environment where it can be judged by a panel of experts.   At the same time, the OTCC facilitates an environment of interaction between ISAO members and other supporters of the community, such as equipment manufacturers, suppliers, trainers, researchers, and business owners in order to promote worker safety and training.  Lastly, competitive tree climbing introduces the public to the skills professional climbing arborists must use for safe, professional tree work.

The OTCC is held in different parks throughout Ontario; Arborists who compete come from all over the province, to demonstrate their skills in 5 preliminary events: Work ClimbBelayed Speed Climb, Simulated Aerial Rescue, Throwline and as of 2019, ISA Ontario will introduce the Ascent Event.  Secured Footlock is still being offered by some Chapters.

The top 4 men, and top 2 women competitors from the preliminaries advance to the Masters’ Challenge, a final event where the male and female Champions are crowned.  The Champions go on to represent ISA Ontario at the annual International Tree Climbing Championship.

The OTCC is a fantastic spectator event and is free to the public! A tradeshow of arborist equipment is featured and spectators can try climbing like an arborist in the “Climb For All Ages” under the guidance of a professional arborist.  For further information please call 1-888-463-2316 or email [email protected].


ISA Ontario would like to thank the 2018 OTCC Sponsors & Tradeshow Exhibitors: For information on sponsorship contact Mike Raaymaker at [email protected].

Our 2019 OTCC will be held at LaSalle Park in Burlington on Saturday, September 21, 2019, with mandatory check-in for registered climbers on Friday, September 20.

Below are the 2019 OTCC Climber’s Participant lists:

OTCC Winners

Congratulations to our 2019 champions!

Cody Menken and Krista Strating

Congratulations to our 2018 champions!

Joel Dreise and Ciara Condon