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  • By joining the Ontario Chapter, you authorize Ontario Chapter to make your contact information available to the ISA so they can share information with you about educational seminars and other relevant events.
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    Note: only payments in Canadian dollars are accepted. Where fees are payable in US funds, the Canadian equivalent will be calculated at time of payment or receipt of payment. The US/Canadian dollar exchange rate is set at the Bank of Canada at the start of the business day each month. For more information, contact the ISAO office at 1-888-463-2316 or [email protected]

    Types of Membership:

    International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Membership: US$135 / CAD$187

    Ontario Chapter (ISAO) Membership: CAD$110

    Combined ISA & ISAO Membership: CAD$297

    Professional Affiliation (your fee will be forwarded to the affiliated organization.)
    Society of Municipal Arborists: US$95 / CAD$130
    Utility Arborist Association: US$40 / CAD$55
    Arboriculture Research & Education Academy: US$35 / CAD$50
    Society of Commercial Arborists: US$35 / CAD$50

    Supporting Organizations of ISA Ontario: CAD$550 (Includes one ISA and one ISAO Membership)

    Students: CAD$75
    Limited to students enrolled full-tme in courses of Arboriculture OR supporting allied fields in recognized institutions at a college level or above. (NOTE: signature of faculty advisor required).

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    Note: All fees received by the ISA Ontario Chapter but payable to ISA International (US funds) will be converted to the US dollar rate at the time of application. The total membership fee will be charged in Canadian funds. The US/CAD exchange rate will vary (non-negotiable) and will be reviewed on the first of each month. For more information, contact the ISAO office at 1-888-463-2316.