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Enjoy the benefits without the hassles.

Running a Tree Care business can be complicated. Upfront costs, scheduling concerns, collection issues, marketing needs, uncooperative weather… the list goes on. Of course, there are benefits too, such as being able to determine your own hours and choose what projects you want to work on.

This leads us to our point, which is what we think is a great solution for certain individuals who are looking for that perfect balance between job security and job freedom:  GTA Trees is looking for individuals (or teams) who are interested in being a part of our resource network, which we are calling The GTA Trees Climber’s Alliance (The GTCA).


How The GTCA works is that we run the core business (GTA Trees), meaning that we bring in the clients, take care of expenses, collect payments, schedule projects, handle marketing, etc. Then for the actual tree care jobs, we will call upon our GTCA network to complete the projects at hand. As a member of our team, you would be part of our exclusive Tree Care Crew. So as soon as we have a project confirmed, we will reach out to our crew to see who’s available and interested in completing the work.

You will still be able to handle other projects, as you won’t be exclusively working for GTCA. However, since you’ll be representing GTA Trees when working on our jobs, you will be provided with certain GTCA brand materials such as – shirts, business cards, and vehicle magnets/decals.

What else we provide:

• Marketing
• Estimating/Invoicing
• Accounting/tax remittances
• Supply of equipment (as required)
• Project payment within 48-72hrs
• Financing options

Once again, this doesn’t mean you will be a full-time GTCA employee, but rather will be called upon on a project to project basis. Leaving you with the freedom to still bring in your own additional work and determine your own schedule. The bottom line is that you will enjoy all the benefits and independence of being your own boss, without the annoying worries and hassles of having to run a business.


• Hands-on climbing experience
• Experience with working in a crew


• High school diploma
• Urban arboriculture (preferred but not essential)
• ISA certification (preferred but not essential)


To be discussed.


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How to apply

You can either sign-up on our website – GTA Trees Climber’s Alliance , or email us with the following information:

• Full name
• Age
• Email address
• Phone number
• Years of experience
• Ontario areas that you’d prefer to work in

Please email [email protected].

Thank you.