GWT Program Coordinator

Date Posted
June 30, 2019

Ground Worker Training Program Coordinator



The Ground Worker Program Coordinator will be involved in an industry-based training program that provides entry-level grounds crew training to 24 individuals, who need support to enter the field. You will report to the Delivery Partners, comprised of a small team of representatives from the ISAO, OCAA and The Career Foundation. You will work with The Career Foundation’s SAO Program Manager as needed. This practical grounds-crew training will enable participants to work productively, safely and efficiently. The course will focus on developing essential skills and will enhance communication, problem-solving and critical thinking ability. As the Ground Worker Program Coordinator, you have the experience, expertise, and ability to effectively oversee and coordinate the technical training portion of the program. The successful applicant will possess a combination of formal training, teaching experience and work experience within the arboriculture field. This position requires someone with excellent time management and project coordination skills.


Roles and Responsibilities

Student Recruitment & Selection
(Roughly 45 hours in early/mid November 2019)

● Pre-screen and select program candidates;
● Work with SAO Program Manager to choose pre-screening questions to assist in determining eligibility and suitability of program participants;
● Conduct participant candidate interviews with SAO Program Manager;
● Make final candidate selections with SAO Program Manager.

Coordination and Budgeting of Equipment, Inventory & Training Facility
(Roughly 52 hours between July 2019 – February 2020)

● Oversee and/or delegate the purchasing and/or rental of equipment;
● Assist with the researching and negotiating of quotes with industry equipment suppliers;
● Oversee the orders and arrange delivery of equipment and supplies;
● Check-in with instructors during training to ensure that equipment is working and whether additional equipment may be necessary;
● Oversee the storage, records and maintenance of equipment purchased;Delegate equipment inventory and/or equipment maintenance to instructors;
● Ensure instructors’ inventory records for equipment is up-to-date and maintained (to be shared with SAO Program Manager);
● Ensure proper maintenance of equipment is completed as required;
● Ensure the transportation and maintenance of trailer;
● Ensure the trailer is transported between storage and training facility grounds;
● Ensure trailer is clean, maintained and ready for commencement of training and/or storage upon completion of training;
● Oversee equipment budget to ensure funds are spent appropriately;
● Report on equipment expenditures to Delivery Partners as per Invoice & Payment Schedule Agreement;
● Arrange for invoices to be sent to The Career Foundation, SAO Program Manager;
● Submit all records, invoices and receipts to SAO Program Manager according to Invoice &amp.

Schedule Agreement

● Scout and secure a facility to host the 5-week Ground Worker Technical Training;
● Work with Delivery Partners to scout a facility that is easily accessible for commuting instructors and participants;
● Work with Delivery Partners to negotiate the facility’s terms of use and cost for use ensuring that it meets the program’s budget;
● Make arrangement with facility to store trailer and equipment during training.

Staff Management
(Roughly 15 hours between December 2019 – February 2020)

● Oversee Lead Instructor & Program Technicians;
● Conduct a minimum of 3 site visits during the 5-week Ground Worker Technical Training;
● Act as a Liaison between program instructors and the Delivery Partners;
● Notify Delivery Partners of any instructor issues as they arise and work toward ratifying any problems;
● Ensure that all applicable MOL legislation and Arborist Safe Work Practices are followed;
● Ensure instructors are informed of/and following insurance policies;
● Ensure teacher/student ratios are followed;
● Work with instructors and SAO Program Manager to handle student issues or complaints as they arise.

Program Coordination
(Roughly 53 hours between July 2019 – March 2020)

  • Participate and attend Delivery Partner Meetings to provide program updates (monthly or bi-monthly as needed)
  • Provide industry expertise; advise on sector requirements; identify job vacancies; and ensure the on-going
    relevance of workforce development
  • Promote the Ground Worker Arborist Certificate as an industry-recognized certificate
  • Assist the SAO Program Manager with screening employer applicants to ensure employers meet eligibility and
    suitability factors
  • Book and coordinate training with all third-party training providers
  • Coordinate and participate in MTCU site visits
  • Prepare and participate in the graduation ceremony post training
  • Participate in the reporting, monitoring and evaluation of the Project upon completion
  • Submit weekly summary reports to the Delivery Partners during predetermined dates throughout the training


Skills and Abilities

  • Excellent time management and project coordination skills including, but limited to, staff management, monitoring results, and adhering to program timelines
  • Sensitive to the needs of a diverse group of inexperienced students, including some groups that are underrepresented in the field of arboriculture
  • Superior communication skills and able to develop strong rapport and relationships with partners, team, and third- party trainers
  • Can work cooperatively with the Delivery Partners and The Career Foundation’s SAO Program Manager
  • Professional, self-starter, who takes initiative and exercises good judgment
  • Excellent administration and budgeting skills; able to maintain accurate up-to-date records and budget tracker


  • Minimum 5-7 years of experience teaching or coordinating arborist training
  • Must be available via telephone or in-person as needed during the duration of the training
  • Must be available to attend Delivery Partners meetings
  • Experience managing staff and delegating tasks
  • Currently holds one of the following two industry certifications/qualifications: Ministry issued Certificate of
    Qualification in the Arborist trade, or ISA Certification
  • Successful completion of relevant education and training in arboriculture is a must
  • G license required; D preferred, and access to personal vehicle
  • Working knowledge of the Occupational Health & Safety Act, WSIB, Arborist Safe Work Practices and other
    related Acts, Rules and Regulations
  • Use of personal vehicle, computers, internet, etc.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal, leadership and staff management skills
  • Experience leading a small team of technicians and supervising a class of 24 students; ratio 1:6 (teacher:student)
  • Advanced knowledge of arborist theory and practices
  • Current First Aid & CPR, WAH Certification
  • Commitment to safe work practices and habits

  • Contract: July 2019 – March 2020 (part time/flexible hours over the 9-month duration);
  • Contract Amount: $10,100.00;
  • Reports to: Delivery Partners (small team of representatives from the ISAO, OCAA, and The Career Foundation);
  • Application Deadline: Monday, July 22nd, 2019 (11:59 pm).

Date Ad Expires
July 22, 2019

How to apply
  • Only those selected for an interview will be contacted;
  • The application deadline is Monday, July 22nd, 2019 (11:59 pm);
  • Please email resumes to Courtney McCann: [email protected], no calls please.