Job Bank

City of Burlington

Reporting to the Supervisor of Forest Planning & Health, this position is responsible for the administration, interpretation, education and enforcement of public and private tree by-laws, and other applicable by-laws or regulations that is the responsibility of the Roads, Parks & Forestry Department.

  • Enforcement of the public and private tree by law, codes, regulations and legislation. This includes responding to and making recommendations for resolution of complaints and follow up responsibilities;
  • Administer the conditions of the City and Private Tree by-laws, including permit application and plan review, site inspections, issuance of infractions, attending court, and issuing and cancelling of tree permits;
  • Work as part of a team in an inter-departmental setting for all tree permit applications;
  • Conduct ongoing tracking and analysis of tree permits, replacement quantities and cash in lieu values received as directed by the Supervisor, Forest Protection;
  • Respond to the general public, mayor and members of Council and other government agencies pertaining to the public and private tree by-laws;
  • Fosters positive working relationships with various municipalities, departments, private sector partners, NGOs, and other stakeholders;
  • Carries out inspections and ensures subsequent compliance on permits assigned. Maintains accurate and up to date records on all inspections completed;
  • Will be responsible to work independently.

City of Burlington

Reporting to the Manager of Forest Planning & Health, this position is responsible for the daily supervision of Forest Protection Officers, coordination and administration of development and non-development related tree permit applications as it pertains to compliance with public and private tree by-laws. This position is responsible for conducting site inspections to ensure conformity with applicable by-laws and other relevant legislation or policies and ensuring that applicable by-laws are not being contravened.

  • Supervise the daily operations, including workload distribution and training of a team of Forest Protection Officers engaged in the administration, education and enforcement of the public and private tree bylaws;
  • Co-ordinates and oversees the review of tree permit applications submitted through the development application process, as well as non-development related applications;
  • Develops and evaluates performance measures; including volume of development and non-development tree permit applications in the section and associated fees;
  • Provides input to the annual operating budget;
  • Facilitates intra-departmental coordination for the administration of all tree permit applications;
  • Prepares and reviews reports, including those prepared for Council and Committee that impact the urban forest. Provides comments, recommendations, or specifications to other departments, outside agencies, or the general public;
  • Liaises with Supervisor of Forest Planning and Health to coordinate private tree planting initiatives and program administration
  • Reviews forestry-related development requirements of complex files with applicants, negotiates with the applicant as required to minimize disputes brought forward to Council and mediates concerns from various parties with respect to the Forestry requirements and standards;
  • Responds to public, staff and elected officials on inquiries and facilitates resolutions to complex issues;
  • Writes and issues applicable infraction notices, tickets and Orders to comply, and follow up responsibilities;
  • Advises Forest Protection Officer’s as to the appropriate legal action to pursue and preparation of documents for Provincial Offences Court;
  • Researches and coordinates with the City of Burlington solicitors, the preparation of evidence for presentation in court and provides that evidence under oath;
  • Represents the department at Public Meetings of Community groups, citizens and business associations and tenant and landlord associations;
  • Researches and prepares by-laws, memorandums, correspondence, and reports as required.

The City of Owen Sound

Under the general direction of the Parks and Cemetery Supervisor, this position is responsible for assisting with selection, planting and maintenance of trees, shrubs and plant materials on Municipal properties and to perform various parks operations including grounds maintenance, basic carpentry, captive bird husbandry, turf maintenance, cemetery assignments, customer service and other duties as assigned.

Tree Doctors Incorporated

Duties and Responsibilities (will include but not be limited to):

  • Must complete all company assigned paperwork on the job site on a daily basis, including such documentation as tailboard meeting paperwork, on-site health, and safety documentation, daily and weekly completion logs;
  • Candidates must be ready, willing and able to work outdoors in varying and sometimes adverse weather conditions, be punctual, reliable and able to follow written and verbal instructions;
  • Candidates will need to load and offload heavy objects and products repeatedly throughout the day at each job site location;
  • Candidates must always safeguard other employees, the public and surrounding areas at each job site from hazards in and around their work areas;
  • Work alongside your peer’s day to day to complete assigned tree injections and keep accurate and up to date logs as well as product inventories
  • Candidates must be able to communicate in a clear and precise manner with management, colleagues, and members of the public as needed;
  • Candidates must adhere to all company policies and procedures including health and safety, WHMIS and ensure that required PPE is in proper working condition and is worn at all times;
  • Having even a basic knowledge of equipment, vehicles, and tools is an asset;
  • Understanding of species-specific insects, disease and cultural tending practices for common area trees are an asset; having solid knowledge of tree/shrub identification is an asset.

Heritage Tree Care Inc.

Heritage Tree Care Inc. is a well established, deeply experienced and highly regarded expert tree service based in Toronto’s west end since 2006. We have worked on countless trees in thousands of spaces across the GTA over 13years. Throughout this time our safety record and reputation have remained exemplary.

We are a progressive and thoughtful company that pride ourselves on bringing an extra layer of creative consideration to the urban treescapes we are invited to work on. Using the principles of Claus Mattheck and Alex Shigo we seek to bring a full-circle, holistic approach to the overall health of each individual and to understand their unique biomechanical structure based on their species, condition, and environmental factors.

We are also highly productive and efficient in our daily work activities, which vary from technically complex removals in tight downtown locations, to precision pruning of every possible species and size throughout the GTA. Safety is our first and foremost concern and we employ strong internal systems and protocols to ensure the safety of customers and employees at all times.

People seem to appreciate our conscientious and considered approach to the Urban forest and over time we have slowly and surely built a solid foundation of repeat and referral customers. We are set to expand operations throughout the GTA, hence we are keenly seeking to hire a selection of exceptional professionals for a great 2020 ahead.


  • Easy commute. Our yard is in Parkdale – Perfect for the downtown dweller;
  • Optional 4-day workweek with time-off encouraged within reason;
  • Excellent pay rate & bonuses based on productivity and overtime;
  • We provide in-house Aerial rescue Training and help subsidize external courses that help you improve as an Arborist (ISA, OCAA, ArborCanada, etc).

Job Types: Full-time, Temporary

We are an equal opportunities company and everyone has a voice.

Bartlett Tree Experts

You can wear a lot of different hats at Bartlett: Arborist Representative, IPM Technician (Pest Control), Crew Supervisor, Climber, Administrative Assistant. Call today for a free brochure, Careers with Bartlett Tree Experts. Learn about the full range of rewarding career paths with the industry leader in tree care.

GTA Trees

Enjoy the benefits without the hassles.

Running a Tree Care business can be complicated. Upfront costs, scheduling concerns, collection issues, marketing needs, uncooperative weather… the list goes on. Of course, there are benefits too, such as being able to determine your own hours and choose what projects you want to work on.

This leads us to our point, which is what we think is a great solution for certain individuals who are looking for that perfect balance between job security and job freedom:  GTA Trees is looking for individuals (or teams) who are interested in being a part of our resource network, which we are calling The GTA Trees Climber’s Alliance (The GTCA).

Davey Tree Expert Co. of Canada, Ltd

Davey Tree Expert Co. of Canada, Limited, is the leading full-service tree care provider for residential, commercial, utility line clearing, and forestry consulting throughout Canada. As we continue to grow and expand, we are seeking interested and motivated individuals to join our team.
Positions:  Groundpersons, Arborist Apprenticeship, Climbers, Plant Health Care Technicians

JOB DUTIES: Positions involve providing expert tree surgery services, ground work support, and plant health care operations to client properties. Responsibilities include fertilizing, pesticide application and systemic injection, climbing, pruning and removing trees as well as full debris removal and site cleanup on residential and commercial properties.