Conference Agenda


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See below for the full ISAO Conference Agenda, session and speaker information at our 71st Annual Conference & Trade Show.

Please note that this Conference Agenda is a work in progress and will be udated as necessary. To read the bios of some of our speakers, click here.

"Wednesday February 122020"
7:30 AM8:00 AMRegistration and TradeshowCoffee and Refreshments
8:00 AM12:00 PMISA Certified Arborist, Municipal Specialist, Utility Specialist Exam
9:00 AM9:30 AMJulie Tucker (ISAO current President), Mandy Vandenberg (EdComm Chair), Councillor Anna Hopkins,Conference Welcome/ Opening Ceremonies
9:30 AM10:30 AMPercival, GlynnAssessing Tree Health and Vitality
10:30 AM11:00 AMTradeshowCoffee and Refreshments
11:00 AM12:00 PMPhilip van WassenaerConserving Heritage Trees
12:00 PM1:00 PMTradeshowLunch
1:00 PM1:15 PMTeaganCNLA Update
1:15 PM2:15 PMBurton, KenPresentation: Leadership, Management, and Career Building
Wednesay Afternoon Breakout Sessions
Demo Tree Stream
2:15 PM3:00 PMKristian Schultz#1 Site Setup for Success
3:00 PM3:45 PMArb Canada#2 Advanced Rigging
Leadership Stream
2:15 PM3:00 PMBurton, KenWorkshop: Leadership, Management, and Career Building
3:00 PM3:45 PMNeal GlattGaining Influence: 3 Essential Things Every Millennial Needs to Advance Their Career
Planting Stream
2:15 PM3:00 PMPercival, GlynnThe Use of Vertical Mulching and Worm Technology for Long Term Soil De-Compaction
3:00 PM3:45 PMZhang, Dr. Wei and Whitehead, DanSoil Moisture: The Most Important Factor for Young Tree Survival in Urban Forestry
Municipal Stream
2:15 PM2:45 PMTBDTBD
2:45 PM3:45 PMFraser, HeatherMunicipal Forests: Healthy Communities are Treed Communities
3:45 PM4:15 PMTradeshowRefreshments
4:15 PM5:00 PMZhang, Dr. Wei and Whitehead, DanRoad Salt and Urban Forestry
5:15 PM6:15 PMAffiliation Group Meetings
UAA Utility Arborists Association
MAUF Municipal Arborists and Urban Foresters
OTCC Ontario Tree Climbing Committee- Competitor's Discussion Forum
OCAA Ontario Commercial Arborists Association Dinner
CTF Canadian Tree Fund Canadian Tree Fund Annual General Meeting
WAO Women in Arboriculture Ontario
8:00 PM12:00 AMHospitality Night and Canadian Tree Fund games
Thursday February 13, 2020
7:00 AM8:00 AMPast President’s Breakfast
7:00 AM8:00 AMTradeshowDelegates' Breakfast
7:00 AM8:00 AMRegistration and Bookstore Open
8:00 AM8:15 AMJulie TuckerGreetings ISAO President
8:15 AM8:30 AMWarren HoseltonCanadian Tree Fund Update
8:30 AM9:15 AMCarroll, MarkSaving the Elm
9:15 AM9:45 AMTradeshowCoffee and Refreshments
Thurs Morning Breakout Sessions
Demo Tree Stream
9:45 AM10:30 AMHumber College#3 Aerial Rescue
10:30 AM11:15 AMPhilip van Wassenaer#4 Level 3 Tree Risk Assessment
Identification Stream
9:45 AM10:30 AMClapp, J. CaseyTree Identification Basics for the Working Arborist
10:30 AM11:15 AMMcLoughlin, KyleDecay ID Skills for Climbers and Risk Assessors
Career Stream
9:45 AM10:30 AMRoberts, MarkChange management and tree metrics
10:30 AM11:15 AMRosen, MikeA Career in the Trees – Leadership Tips for Arborists
Student Stream
9:45 AM10:30 AMNeal GlattGaining Influence: 3 Essential things every Millennial needs to advance their career
10:30 AM11:15 AMArthur BeauregardCareer Coaching; Planning for Meaningful Success
11:15 AM12:25 PMJulie TuckerISAO Annual Members Meeting
12:25 PM1:25 PMDelegate Lunch and Tradeshow
12:25 PM1:25 PMWAO Lunch
1:25 PM1:45 PMDevin TerrisOTCC & Ascent Event Update
1:45 PM2:45 PMJohn GathrightEnhancing Tree Care Business and Arborist core talents to better, benefit communities, businesses, and themselves. 
2:45 PM3:00 PMMatt LoganCommunications Update
Thurs. Afternoon Breakout Sessions
Demo Tree Stream
3:15 PM4:00 PMArb Canada# 5 Spar Pole Rescue
4:00 PM4:45 PMKristian Schultz#6 Finishing Strong
Science Stream
3:15 PM4:00 PMMcLoughlin, KyleBreaking down the building blocks of wood – the CODIT Arms Race
4:00 PM4:45 PMClapp, J. CaseyTree Biology and Arboriculture – A Review of the Fundamentals
Business Stream
3:15 PM4:00 PMWall, AndrewProfitably Grow and Double Your Business
4:00 PM4:45 PMNelson, RichardTax Tips for Small Business
Leadership Stream
3:15 PM4:00 PMBurton, KenWorkshop: Leadership, Management, and Career Building
4:00 PM4:45 PMVan Osch-Saxon, Katrina and Mikel, TomA Collaborative Approach to Preparing Students for Dynamic Careers in Tree Care
5:45 AM10:45 AMCTFCanadian Tree Fund Silent Auction and Awards Banquet
Friday February 14, 2020
7:00 AM8:00 AMDelegate Breakfast
8:00 AM8:15 AMKen GilliesGreetings from New ISAO Presedent
8:15 AM9:15 AMJohn GathrightTree Top Hero's: Arborists helping people and reaching out into their communities through TreeHab. 
9:15 AM10:15 AMHarper, RickThe Economic and Plant Health Considerations of Tree Production Systems
10:15 AM11:00 AMRefreshment Break (extended for check out)
11:00 AM12:00 PMMcGrath, DarbyExploring the Benefits of Soil Restoration when Planting Roadside Trees
12:00 PM1:00 PMDelegate Lunch
1:00 PM2:00 PMPercival, GlynnCommercially available mycorrhiza or native soil? Which is best to aid transplant success of urban trees
2:00 PM2:45 PMRoberts, MarkRisky business – the business of risk
2:45 PM3:00 PMKen Gillies and Mandy VandenbergConference Close