Become a Butternut Assessor

To be eligible, and if you wish to join the BHA waitlist, provide the contact information listed below. Note that review of applications takes place at a later date, therefore, being on the waitlist does not guarantee enrolment.

To be eligible to be designated by the Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry as a BHA, a person must complete the training course entitled Butternut Health Assessment Workshop. Enrolment is at the discretion of the MNRF but generally will be aimed at professional arborists, foresters, forest technicians, dendrologists, horticulturists, botanists, mycologists, and plant pathologists.

When space becomes available at a BHA workshop, you’ll receive an application form in which you’ll need to describe your qualifications and experience in natural resource management with respect to trees. The information you provide will be shared with MNRF and the organization delivering training under contract for MNRF.


To be added to the BHA waitlist, please fill in the information below:


BHA waitlist