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What we do

The Ontario Chapter of the International Society of Arboriculture, also known as ISA Ontario, is a component chapter of the larger international body. ISA enjoys a rich heritage as a scientific and educational organization with a primary mission to disseminate information and knowledge in the care and preservation of trees.

The Ontario Chapter sits consistently at just over 1000 members, while the international membership is over 22,000, divided into almost 50 chapters and associate organizations worldwide—the world’s largest such organization. There are currently over 1500 ISA Certified Arborists in Ontario and more than 30,000 worldwide.

We are involved in many major projects throughout the province relating to best industry practices, arborist education and training, and public education and awareness.  Our membership is diverse; from commercial, municipal and utility arborists to educators, students, landscape contractors, landscape architects and grounds managers. This diversity in our foundation contributes to the strength of ISA Ontario. Central to all of this stands the tree, the focal point of our membership.


ISA Ontario, Executive Board

President: Steve Robinson
Past President: Mandy Vandenberg
President Elect: Matt Logan
Vice President: Michael LaPorte
Treasurer: Steve Robinson

ISA Ontario, Directors-at-large

Rachel Bowery
Darby McGrath
Kyle McLoughlin
Mason Hanrahan
Julie Tucker
Andrew Smit
Stephen McQuigge

International Council of Representatives (CoR) Rep

Mike Watson

Executive Director

Rebecca Lord

Board committees

Click here to view a list of all board committees.

To contact directors or committee chairs, please get in touch with the ISAO office by email at [email protected], or phone at 1-888-463-2316. The board meets six times a year, holds conference calls whenever needed, and has regular correspondence via email.

Staff and office

Our chapter office is located in Milton, Ontario in the Landscape Ontario offices. It is staffed by one full-time office member, Bridget Dilauro. Our part-time bookkeeper, Joe Sabatino, also works out of the same office. Our full-time Executive Director, Rebecca Lord works both from home, the LO office and in the community. Our full-time contract Marketing & Communications Coordinator, Bryan Dilts, works from home and in the community.

Awards program

The chapter honours members and industry affiliates/supporters annually. Awards are presented at the Annual Educational Conference & Trade Show held each February. To find out more about the ISA Ontario Awards and how to nominate, please visit the awards page.