TRAQ REcertification Course- NEWMARKET

23 March, 2018

TRAQ REcertification Course-  NEWMARKET

DATE:   Friday, 23 March 2018
LOCATION:  Art Ferguson Clubhouse, Newmarket, Ontario

The registration form can be found HERE.   Flyer can be found HERE.

ISA/Chapter Member $285 CAD Plus 13% HST
Non ISA Member $335 CAD Plus 13% HST
Exam Retake only $150 USD

The Tree Risk Assessment Qualification Course is a one-day refresher, with five hours of instruction, and three hours to take the exam. Current TRAQ holders can complete the abbreviated course as early as 18 months before the expiry of their qualification…early renewal does NOT mean that you lose any time on your initial qualification as your re-TRAQ will be tacked on to your initial expiry date. The course includes TRAQ Manual and Workbook, with lunch and break on full days.

Please note, it is very important that you consider your re-TRAQ needs well in advance of your expiry date. ISA Ontario will be offering enough courses to meet demand, however, should classes not meet our minimum numbers, we will need to cancel them. In order to avoid disappointment both with sold out classes and under filled classes, it is imperative that you register early, to ensure that you are re-qualified by the time you expire.   If you are unable to make this renewal course, please visit the ISA website to find another course that may be available from another Chapter near you.

Our mission is to enhance and promote the care and benefit of trees for present and future generations in Ontario through education, research and awareness.