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* FULL - Waitlist Available *  SPRING 2015 WORKSHOP: “FUNGI: FRIEND & FOE”  FRIDAY, 17 APRIL 2015; 8 AM - 4 PM 

Register now for our Spring Workshop with instructor KYLE MCLOUGHLIN.  Kyle will be giving you the tools you need to understand the depth and relationships of fungi to trees and arborists.  In this workshop, we will discuss what happens in the places we can’t see, what fruiting bodies are telling us and some of the ways we can cooperate with fungi for healthier trees and happier clients. Location: Grand River Conservation Authority, Cambridge, Ontario; Friday, 17 April 2015.  8am - 4pm.   For more information, please contact the ISAO office at 416-493-7022 Click here  for the registration form and more information. Deadline for registration is 8 April 2015.  Registration is limited; NO ON-SITE REGISTRATIONS. 


Please click here for our By-law and here for our Continuance documents, Policy & Procedure are found here.  If you have any questions, please email the ISAO Vice President & Governance & Policy Committee Chair, Arthur Beauregard at b.arthur@sympatico.ca


Warren Buffett
Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. "Warren Buffett"

Our mission is to enhance and promote the care and benefit of trees for present and future generations in Ontario through education, research and awareness.

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Mar 26
Congratulations to Cody & Krista!
Mar 03
Congratulations to Bob Smith on being awarded the Honorary Membership Award by ISA Ontario.
Mar 03
The decision has been made that the Ascent Event will not be implemented at the 2015 ITCC in Tampa.

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